The City of Abraham Church and Ministries believes in a holistic approach to helping its members and community. COA Church and Ministries seek to provide rich, empowering, and enlightening worship services, bible studies, outreach opportunities, and events. We do so by implementing ministries to men, women, and children that address their specific needs and interests.


The City of Abraham Church and Ministries understand the special needs of men characteristic of the urban community. Men’s ministry meet the first Saturday of each month and seeks to cater to those special needs by engaging in relevant discussions specific to men’s issues. These meetings aid in the development of long-lasting relationships through outreach opportunities and enjoyable activities. Men are encouraged to grow in grace, practice godliness in every area of their lives, and serve as strong role models as they lead their families in following God.


The City of Abraham Church and Ministries understand that women have their own special set of needs that should be explored and addressed. Women’s ministry meet the first Saturday of each month and provides engaging and creative bible studies, discussion, events, and fellowship. Women are challenged and encouraged to seek God’s best for their lives and to serve as mentors and sisters that walk alongside other women who can benefit from their experiences and life lessons.


The City of Abraham Church and Ministries believes in developing its young people and empowering them for today’s challenges. Young people are enlightened about God’s word and are given opportunity to exercise their leadership skills. Young people are encouraged to follow God’s plans for their lives by pursuing an education that will lead to a productive career. Young people are taught how to freely live their lives for Jesus in their schools and encouraged to invite their peers to worship along with them.


MasterLife Discipleship Course

MasterLife is a proven in depth Bible teaching program that enables the learner to make Christ the Master of his/her life all while developing a personal, lifelong, obedient relationship with Him. This six month course grows disciples in the areas of the Disciple's Cross, the Disciple's Personality, the Disciple's Victory, and the Disciple's Mission.  God will change your life forever through study of His word, prayer, and fellowship with other believers. 

New Member's Class

New Member’s Class is a class developed to help all new members get a thorough understanding of what it means to be a member of the Body of Christ. New members learn the church’s mission, vision, and values which includes but not limited to the church’s Statement of Faith.

Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School (VBS) is a powerful and unique opportunity for sharing Jesus Christ. Generally, it is one week of teaching the Good News of Jesus Christ. Primarily it is held during the month of July. Here at City of Abraham C & M all are invited to attend. We are committed to sharing the Good News accurately and efficiently to all ages.

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